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"We can burn it and leave For we are the beautiful Thieves"
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A little Background:
Hello all, I figured it was about time I put this little profile together lol. I’m a 27 almost 28 year old phone operator from the Midwest. (Or south…depends on who you talk too really lol) I’ve been an avid writer since I was fourteen years old, starting out with poetry, of which I’ve had one published, and then I started into descriptive paragraph role play which I still do and highly enjoy when I can find the time. I only recently began writing fiction and figured I should start off small with live reviews in fan fiction to let me know if it was even worth pursuing if I sucked lol. So far I’ve been having a blast and even though I came on here to get an idea of my skills, I’ve discovered that in a way I don’t care, not that I don’t need the reviews and criticism but that I enjoy it, love it actually when I just write to write.

Oh but it’s just so hard to narrow this down. I have so many favorites, so many different shows, books, movies…it’s enough to make my brain threaten to explode just trying to narrow it down!!! *sighs heavily* but I will try so here goes:

Wrestling ---I’ve literally been watching wrestling since birth, no I don’t need someone to explain to me that it’s fake…I know the ins and outs of wrestling from the backstage to the board meetings I get it. Its entertainment but that doesn’t mean it’s not dangerous, it doesn’t mean that the wrestlers don’t put their lives on the lines to pull off incredible moves. Actors don’t have to be athletic, Athletes don’t have to be actors, and wrestlers have to be both. KEEP that in mind next time you decide to judge *huffs* enough rant. As of right now I don’t honestly have that many favorites and if you’re a wrestling fan, just seeing the names will give you a clue as to why. (Real name at the end)

Jon Moxley/Dean Ambrose/ Jon Good
Tyler Black/ Seth Rollins/ Colby Lopez
Leakee/ Roman Reigns/ Jo Anoa’i
CM Punk/ Phil Brooks
Daniel Bryan/ Bryan Danielson
Sterling James Keenan/Corey Graves/Matt Polinsky
Dolph Ziggler/ Nicholas Nemeth
Jimmy Jacobs/ Chris Scobille
(More will be added when I’m not in a rush to get the rest of this stuff done lol)

Music/Bands:Now this is just too difficult of one to narrow down so instead I’ll list bands that I would actually feel the desire to write about or already have. So far only two but perhaps down the road the list will grow. (Member of band focus at end)

Black Veil Brides/ Andy Biersack
Asking Alexandria/ Danny Worsnop & Ben Bruce (Not by means of relationship, sorry I like a little slash every once in awhile but I prefer to let my leading ladies feel the love and live vicariously through them .)

TV Shows: Yet another hard to put together list so I’m just going to list the shows I’m actually watching currently or writing on, then if other shows catch my interest I’ll put them on here. That way it saves me wracking my brain and you reading needlessly.

The Walking Dead/ Carol and Daryl
Vampire Diaries/ Damon and Elena/ Caroline and Klaus
Criminal Minds/ Morgan and Garcia
Dr. Who/ Dr.(9th&10th) and Rose/ (11th)Dr. and Amy/ (11th-)Dr. and River
Game of Thrones/ John Snow/ Arya Stark & Gendry/ Daenerys & Drogo

Current Stories to be updated this week: (placed in order of approximate update order)

Shattered Reflections: Chapter 5 (UPDATED 4/22/13)
Justice for all: Chapter 3 (UPDATED 4/25/13)
In the End: Chapter 8

Other Contact Info:

Facebook: (For those that ask I'll send a link privately)
For those of you that were waiting for the final chapters of 'Eyes Wide Shut' I hope that I have not lost you due to my extended absence. A lot of things have happened in my life that kept me from being able to write, not so much time to sit, but I couldn't find the spark that I had for writing period.  I hadn't expected the blow to the heart that I took and it spiraled me out into a dark place, one where I was almost afraid I would not come back from. But if anything I almost have to thank the shatter because the pain finally snapped the last part of me that needed to go. I now realize just how foolish I'd been for even attempting the impossible but at least I tried, and I'm proud of myself for that. It's not always about whether you fail or succeed, sometimes its just about trying.

And with everything going on in our country I am so much more appreciative then I have ever been. I've learned in the last couple months to stop wishing for things that I can't have and be grateful for the things that I do. My life isn't perfect and nor will it ever be and even if I never find the right person who is willing to love me I'm going to be okay, because I have my God, my family and my life and as dramatic and crazy as they sometimes get, I really couldn't ask for anything better.

So that being said, I've returned to writing, branching out a bit and exploring just what all my brain can come up with. I'm nervous but terribly excited and I hope that those that discovered me through my BVB fanfiction will follow me on my new adventures. Heres whats coming up on the story agenda (and yes I know its a bit o.o to start two but hey...I'm feeling empowered!)

Shattered Reflections ~ Sequel to Eyes Wide Shut
In the End ~ A Walking Dead Fanfiction
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