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Chapter 1
"So are you excited?" Elena bounced up and down on the bed besides the suitcase that Ruin was attempting to pack yet couldn't quite figure out exactly what it was that she should bring. She'd never done anything remotely like what she was about to do and after five trips back and forth from the bed to the closet it was frightfully obvious she was in over her head. Pausing mid step from her latest round she looked to the bouncing child and released a pent up breath followed by a tender smile. She came towards the bed and placed the wrinkled up shirt over the edge of the suitcase before her hands went and gathered the giggling child to her. Instantly she was wrapped up in sunshine as the little arms encircled her neck leaving her unable to stop from burying her nose within the sweet smelling golden curls.

"I am indeed, but I'm going to miss you so much. You think your daddy would approve of me kidnapping you and taking you with me?" soft lips would curve deeper as she heard the answering giggles and shake of head that was her answer. "Aww come on! We can stuff you in the suitcase; I'll leave you some golden grahams in a bag." Ruin released her own laugh as she began to press soft playful kisses along her neck only to lean back and stare into sky blue eyes.

"I don't think Daddy would like that very much Aunty. Maybe we could take him too!" Elena gave an excited bounce against her aunt only to hear a saddened sigh from the older woman. "Oh child, don't tempt me. If I could I would scoop you both up and take you everywhere with me. Besides." She crinkled her nose and turned to look at the suitcase drawing the little girl's eyes there as well. With a push of her lips she'd give a slow shake of her head. "Nope, I could fit you but I just don't think there's enough room for your daddy's long ol legs."

"I definitely don't think there's enough room in that thing for me, long legs or not," came a voice over the pairs shoulder making them jump guiltily for being caught teasing. Elena recovered first and gave a happy squeal as she released her aunt and ran full tilt towards her father stopping only when she crashed into his legs. With one swing of an arm she was caught up and brought up against her father's chest, golden heads so close together you could not tell where one's hair started and the other began. Ruin stood there a moment taking in the scene and suddenly she wasn't sure this was the best thing for her. Her fingers began to twist together nervously as she thought about leaving her little safety net behind, the idea of not being able to see the two in front of her any time she wished made her heart actually pang within her chest.

"Shut up." The stern words were so familiar, and so perfect for the moment that all Ruin could do was laugh softly and shake her head as she stepped forward to stand in front of her brother and niece. Perhaps there was still a lingering shadow of doubt within her eyes because Matthew soon sat Elena on the ground, ruffled her hair and told her to go make sure the car hadn't ran away waiting on them. Ruin poked out a tongue at him but when the child was gone she felt the solid strength of his hands rest on her shoulders forcing her eyes up to meet his. "You're going to do fine. You're going to miss us, you're going to cry and you're going to get over it. You've been waiting your whole life for this moment Brandy, I'm not going to let you back out now. So grow a set a man the fuck up."

The tone and words caused her to laugh once more before she pressed herself into her brother's arms and held to him tightly for a moment. Only her family was allowed to use her real name, a life and person she'd shed so long ago. To the rest of the world she was Ruin Nyght from Elegantly Ruined Photography but right now, here in the bedroom of her small apartment with her brother she was once again that shy nervous girl who for so long let the world flash by while she waited on the side lines. She wasn't that girl any more though and her brothers words always had a way of reminding her that. She'd come too far and done so much to better not only herself but her life and now all her dreams were so close to coming true. Matthew was right; it was time to man the fuck up. Giving him an affectionate squeeze she then pulled away and gave him a playful shove.

"Yea yea, we've had this argument before. It's a hell of a lot more tougher to woman up then it is to man up." She winked then turned and made her way back to her suitcase leaving him to cross his arms over his chest and lean against the door frame. As she closed the lid of the suitcase and took one last look around her small little room she was grateful for the silence that he gave her in return. That was one of the things she loved so much about her brother. There was no urgent need to fill the silence with chatter that would eventually get on both their nerves. He knew what she feared, knew why she feared it so talking it over would do little for either of them. Instead he told her what she needed to hear and gave her the space to wrap her thoughts around them. She allowed her eyes to cast themselves over the walls, over the photo's she'd taken and had framed.

Each was a memory, a single second captured for eternity and she loved each one. They gave her strength and motivated her to continue following the dreams she'd set out for herself. Taking a deep breath she grabbed the suitcase handle and drew it from her bed with a lungful look to the wrought iron frame then turned and gave a small smile to her brother. "I guess I'm as ready as I'll ever be. It's not that long then I'll be home. Might come back with a few new tattoos…I might just trump you yet" she added with a smirk as she made her way past Matthew and towards the living room where Elena was sitting waiting for them with a bright happy smile.

Matthew was only a few steps behind her and gave a playful tug to her hair "Whatever big sis, keep dreaming for the impossible." Ruin swatted his hand away and looked to Elena before tossing her hair over her shoulder, making sure it slapped his smug face with the tips. "Come on E, let's get me on a plane so I can go take some pictures of some rock stars."

Elena gave a whoop and hopped off the couch to go grab her aunt's hand, swinging it wildly as they made their way out of the little apartment, Matthew taking charge of the suitcase, leaving Ruin to strap and secure her niece in the backseat. "Aunty B…can I come visit you soon?" little eyes widened as she heard the word No coming from right in front of her and from the trunk area from her father. Ruin noticed the surprised expression and laughed softly ruffling silken strands of hair, softening the response. "Trust me sweaty, you don't want to come visit me on tour with stinky smelly boys. They're going to be even worse than your uncle, grandpa and daddy when they work outside. In fact, I'm probably going to have to wear a gas mask just to survive." She wrinkled her nose at Elena again and laughed when she returned it in perfect little girl fashion. "Ewe, sweaty boys!"

Successfully escaping that scenario Ruin made her way towards the passenger seat and settled in while Matthew did the same. She'd already said her goodbyes to her parents, best friends and other brother the day before, a smile curved her soft lips exposing a hidden dimple as she recalled how desperately her parents had tried to change her mind, ignoring the fact that she was fully grown and that this was exactly what she'd gone to school for. She loved her parents, more so then what appeared normal but she was grateful she'd gotten them out of the way yesterday. She'd chosen for Matthew and Elena to take her to the airport because she knew they were her strongest supporters, her two favorite people in the world. It would hurt, almost worse than the night before, but at least she knew she'd still be getting on the plane when the time came because Matthew would carry her on it himself if he had too. A soft chuckle escapes her as she turns her eyes towards the city outside her window passing her by. Matthew was the one who had the true wanderlust within their little family. He'd dreamed of escaping and doing something with music in his life, or skateboarding. Still threatened to run away every once in awhile when it was just the two of them to hear.

But those dreams had been cut off short with the birth of Elena when he was twenty. Ruin would lean her head against the cool glass and thought over the struggles he'd faced early on in accepting his role of father rather than Rebel wanderer. Now it would seem that she would be living their dreams for the both of them. The trip to the airport didn't take nearly as long as she had hoped and the wait for her flight was almost nonexistent. Further proof she had to get herself on that plan. The goodbyes were brief and painful and it took more strength then she would have thought was necessary to release them but soon she was gazing out a little small window with the world seeming to melt away, flashing towards a new beginning that would hold more excitement, frustration and only the gods knew what else for her. For the first time that day, the thought actually brought relief to come alive on her features. She'd done it. She'd escaped and now for the first time in her life, she was going to have an adventure.

The truth and knowledge of it had her nearly purring with content as she sank against the cushions of her seat and eased the ear buds to her phone into her ears to finally relax. Soon a dark seductive sound began to pour through her ears and over her senses luring her to sleep with the sounds of pounding drums, screaming guitars and the pulsing voice of a man who had a way of bringing the primitive impulses to boiling beneath your skin. Soon she found her lips moving with the lyrics, the poetry of his song telling far more about the man then most would ever dream, so long as you knew to listen.
"Take your crosses; I'll live without them…."
Vibrant young Ruin has started her dream career and her first job will be joining the rock band Black Veil Brides on tour, catching all the antics with her camera for the magazine. Excited for the new adventure she's unprepared for the instant attraction she feels, not only for the lifestyle but also for a certain blue eyed singer. {For Mature Veiwers}
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EscapeTheFate1996 Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2012  Student Writer
Haha Andy! That song is coffin yeah? I am only just starting to listen to their ep songs so I'm not entirely sure…
RuinNyght Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Lol yea it's coffin, and don't feel too left out I'm not too far ahead of you XP. But I've turned my entire household into BVB fans including my parents and siblings lol so I think it makes up for time lost
EscapeTheFate1996 Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2012  Student Writer
haha yeah, im listening to BVB right now with my bros! "Die For You" is on! WOOOO! I now know all the old songs lyrics! woooo
RuinNyght Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
lol epic! lol I love how his lyrics read like poetry. you can see his progress in both age and expirence through it
EscapeTheFate1996 Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2012  Student Writer
YES! You can soooo tell that he has gotten better at writing lyrics, even though he was amazing to begin with! He is sooo amazing at what he does!
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